How to Plant, Grow, and Care for Jacaranda Tree Easily

The Jacaranda mimosifolia, commonly known as the jacaranda tree, is a crowd-pleasing shade tree that is easily recognizable with its striking clusters of purple blooms.

Jacaranda Tree Plant Care

The Jacaranda tree, also known as Jacaranda mimosifolia, thrives best in climates with full sun, requiring a minimum of six hours of sunlight each day during the growing season.


The Jacaranda mimosifolia, or jacaranda tree, thrives in full sun. Favored in climates from Florida to Hawaii, these trees flourish with at least six hours of sunlight daily.


Jacaranda trees thrive best in well-drained soil. These gracious trees are highly drought-tolerant, making them quite adaptive to regions like Australia, Zambia, and Kenya, where the soil tends to dry out quickly.

Temperature and Humidity

Jacaranda mimosifolia, more popularly known as the jacaranda tree, thrives best in climates that are similar to its native habitats of South America, particularly Argentina and South Africa.


As a master gardener, I’ve found that mature Jacaranda mimosifolia generally requires low amounts of fertilizer. However, for young trees in their early growing seasons, it can be greatly beneficial to have an application of balanced slow-release fertilizer.


Pruning is an essential care routine for the Jacaranda mimosifolia, particularly when they are young trees. To establish a strong, central trunk, careful pruning during the early growing season is necessary.


Overwintering a Jacaranda mimosifolia, more commonly known as a jacaranda tree, requires particular attention due to its deciduous nature. These trees thrive in warm climates, which makes overwintering a necessity in colder regions.

Types of Jacaranda Tree

There are many notable varieties of Jacaranda mimosifolia. Let’s look at some of the top ones:

Jacaranda mimosifolia ‘Alba’ or ‘White Christmas’: This variety stands out in any landscape with its white clusters of tubular flowers as opposed to the traditional purple blooms.

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