How to Plant, Grow, and Care for Bougainvillea Plant

From the vibrant cities of South America to the sunny backyards of South Florida, the Bougainvillea plant adds a vivid splash of color to any landscape.

Bougainvillea Plant Care

Bougainvillea plant is a sun-loving perennial climber originating from South America, particularly appreciated for its vibrant bougainvillea blooms.


Bougainvillea plants are tropical plants native to South America, especially at home in climates like south Florida, These climbers relish in full sun, which encourages the most new growth and promotes vibrant bougainvillea blooms.


For efficient growth, bougainvillea requires well-draining soil with good drainage capabilities. These tropical plants, native to South America, thrive in environments where excess water doesn’t sit in their roots, thus reducing the risk of root rot.

Temperature and Humidity

Originating from South America, the bougainvillea plant is a tropical plant that thrives in climates with high temperatures and moderate to high humidity.


Bougainvillea plants are remarkable climbers native to South America, featuring bright and colorful bracts.


The durable bougainvillea plant manages to withstand droughts in its tropical climates but it does require special care during winter, especially in regions unlike its native South Florida.

Types of Bougainvillea

Barbara Karst:  This is a popular variant of the bougainvillea plant. This climber tends to establish itself readily on fences and trellises, producing vast blooms of vibrant pink bracts.

California Gold:  This perennial produces golden blooms that stand out against a fence or ground covering. The vine of California Gold bougainvillea is sturdy and rich in foliage, making it an excellent option for pots, hanging baskets, or trellises.

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