How to Grow & Care for Aglaonema Plants (Chinese Evergreen)

As a master gardener, I highly recommend this houseplant to new gardeners hoping to develop their green thumb. With the right care, these plants can lend life and color to any space.

Aglaonema Plant Care

Caring for an Aglaonema, commonly known as Chinese Evergreen plant, requires special attention to lighting conditions. These members of the Araceae family thrive best in low light or indirect sunlight as direct sunlight.


The Aglaonema plant is particularly known for its adaptability to a range of light conditions. It thrives under bright light but can also tolerate low light or indirect light.


Aglaonema plants thrive in a well-draining potting mix. This is primarily due to their aversion to overwatering, which can often lead to root rot.


Watering should be done adequately as too much water can lead to root rot, a common ailment in this plant.

Temperature and Humidity

Aglaonema flourishes in temperatures ranging between 60-75°F. Extremely cold temperatures can lead to yellowing of the dark green leaves.


Aglaonema craves a balanced liquid fertilizer during their growing season, which typically spans the summer months. It’s best to feed them once or twice a month.


Aglaonema varieties do not require extensive pruning. However, occasional grooming to remove yellow or dead leaves can help your houseplant continue to flourish.

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