How to Grow and Care for Pampas Grass (Plus Decor Ideas!)

Pampas grass (Cortaderia selloana), which is known for its white feathery plumes, will add a beautiful texture to any outdoor area.

Pampas Grass Care

A sunny, well-draining soil is ideal for planting pampas grass. Pampas grass is a low-maintenance plant that requires little watering or fertilizing.


Pampas grass requires at least six hours of sunlight each day and grows best when planted in full sun. In the shade, pampas grass is more prone to fungal diseases and won’t thrive or produce flowers.


Pampas grass thrives in moist, nutrient-rich soil with good drainage. The ability of the soil to drain efficiently is essential for healthy pampas grass.

Temperature and Humidity

Pampas grass grows well in hot weather. These grasses are native to South America and can handle both heat and high humidity. However, these hardy grasses can also tolerate cold temperatures and even a little snow.


Pampas grass doesn’t need any fertilizer other than compost, which not only improves the soil but also helps with drainage.

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