How to Grow and Care for Majesty Palm – Complete Guide – 2023

The Majesty Palm is a famous tropical palm known for its stunning lush dark green foliage and distinctive tropical image. This palm tree is slow-growing, but when well cared for, it can reach up to 10 ft. in height.

What is a Majesty Palm?

Majesty Palm, or Ravenea Rivularis, is a robust tropical plant with feathery fronds native to Madagascar, where it can grow up to 100 ft in height in its natural habitat.

Types of Majesty Palm

There are no cultivars of Ravenea Rivularis. Only about 20 species are included in the Ravanea genus, and they are all considered seriously endangered.

Majesty Palm Care

Bearing its graceful long green fronds is no wonder why this plant is a popular indoor palm tree. The Majesty Palm is an excellent addition to grace any indoor space.

Fertilizer Requirements

Feed with a weak liquid fertilizer at least once during spring, the active growing season. Do not feed at all during winter. If your Majesty Palm starts to stretch out, stop fertilizing.

Majesty Palm Propagation

Unlike most plants, propagation through stem cuttings is not an option. However, division or offset “pups” separating from the mother palm is a good option.

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