How to Grow and Care for Eucalyptus Plant (Indoors + Outdoors)

Eucalyptus plants have silvery blue-green leaves that give the plant’s distinct ‘menthol’ fragrance when bruised. This evergreen tree can grow up to 60 feet in its natural habitat in Australia.

What’s a Eucalyptus plant?

Most eucalyptus plants are native to Australia, but they have been introduced to places all over the world. Hardy in USDA zones 8-11, eucalyptus plants become tall trees when grown outdoors.

Eucalyptus plant care

Growing and caring for eucalyptus plants is easy as they only require a little attention. Although, proper planting, location, and adequate care are essential to keep in mind while growing these plants.

Light Requirements

Eucalyptus plants like a lot of light, so set your eucalyptus somewhere it can receive at least 5-6 hours of direct sunlight daily.

Water Requirements

Once established, eucalyptus plants can be drought-tolerant. However, it’s best to avoid being left dry for extended periods, or it’ll drop its leaves.

Humidity Requirements

Eucalyptus plants come from arid climates, so they do well with average or moderate humidity, making them adequate candidates for indoor living.

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