How to Get Rid of Potato Beetles (Bugs) Effectively

The potato beetle is well known for its ability to develop resistance to many insecticides making it one of the most difficult garden pests to get rid of.

What are Potato Bugs?

This is perhaps the most confusing thing about potato bugs because this term is used to refer to two different insects! The first is the Colorado potato beetle and the other is the Jerusalem cricket.

Colorado Potato Beetles

If you have an active infestation and your crops are suffering, the culprit is most like the first kind: the Colorado potato beetle (Leptinotarsa decemlineata).

Jerusalem Crickets

Jerusalem crickets (Stenopelmatus fuscus) are insects that, despite their name, are not technically members of the true cricket family Grylloidea.

What Does a Potato Bug Look Like?

Before you start planning and working on getting rid of potato bugs, it’s important to identify which one you're dealing with.

Life Cycle of a Potato Bug

Again, considering we’re talking about two separate types of insects, their lifecycles also differ significantly.

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