How to Compost at Home: Step by Step Guide for Beginners

Composting at home is one of the best ways to utilize any kitchen scraps, newspaper, and other compostable materials you have at home to reduce overall food waste and even help the environment!

What is Compost?

Compost is decomposed organic material that is produced when bacteria in soil break down garbage and biodegradable trash, resulting in a product rich in minerals that is an ideal garden or landscaping amendment.

Benefits of Composting at Home

For one, it’s free. You get to use kitchen waste, lawn clippings, leaves, and other vegetation that would otherwise get thrown away. In fact, you might even save money on landfill fees.

How Does Composting Work?

You mix yard and kitchen waste in a pile or bin and provide the right conditions to encourage decomposition. Let bacteria and fungi go to work recycling waste material into fertilizer.

How to Compost at Home Step by Step

For some, a rot pile in the backyard is good enough. Others want to apply the rigors of science and constant vigilance to ensure the best (and quickest) compost around.

1. Select a site for your pile or bin

To keep your neighbors happy, consider a discreet location. You’ll also want to locate a spot with good airflow, access to water, and partial shade in the summer (to keep the pile from getting too hot).

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