How to Build a Compost Pile: Complete Guide with 9 Methods

There are many effective methods of constructing a compost pile. Which is best for you? Learn all the different ways to start a compost pile in this complete guide.

What Matters for a Compost Pile?

Organic composting is a natural process that breaks down a pile of yard waste and kitchen scraps. When the right components are combined in the right amounts, bacteria, fungi, and

Different Ways to Start a Compost Pile

1. Traditional: Layers Method This by now classic method of making a compost pile offers a virtually fool-proof technique for creating fast decomposition, but remember, the idea that it must be built in layers is a myth.

2. Laissez Faire Method

The most laid-back approach to composting consists of heaving stuff onto the compost heap and walking away.

3. Mixing it Up: Hot, Hot, Hot

If you measure out the materials for the layered method above but then stir them together before putting them in the bin, you will get an even more thorough mix than you get with the layering method.

4. In-Situ Garden Piles Method

Since the plan, usually, involves digging the compost into the garden, why not start there, to begin with? Why haul the stuff all the way to some specially constructed container and then haul it back?

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