Guide to Different Types of Tomatoes (And How to Use Them)

Tomatoes come in about every color from white to purple, pink, yellow, orange, mottled, or, yes, striped. (No polka-dots.)

Tomato Basics: Understanding the Different Types of Tomatoes

If you’re new to the world of tomato gardening, and a nursery worker blithely recommends over her shoulder that you select a determinate hybrid, you may feel even more helpless than you did before you asked the question.

Types of Tomatoes by Shape and Size

There are five main types of tomatoes in terms of shape and size, and although there are more than a thousand different tomato varieties out there, they can all fit into one of these categories.

1. Standard Globe Tomatoes

Standard globes are the everyday grocery-shop varieties that we’ve all grown up with. Their medium-sized slicers that make great salad ingredients and can also be used for cooking.

2. Cherry Tomatoes

The next category is one we are all too familiar with: the small, bite-sized tomatoes known as cherry tomatoes.

3. Plum Tomatoes

Another great category of tomatoes to consider are plum tomatoes. These ones are great to use to make a delicious tomato sauce, and are sometimes also referred to as processing tomatoes or paste tomatoes.

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