Forget Me Not: Plant Care Tips, Growing Guide, and Symbolism

Forget me not is loved and admired for its lovely blue flowers with yellow centers. These delicate flowers belong to the genus Myosotis in the Boraginaceae family.

Forget Me Not Symbolism

The word ‘Myosotis’ in the species name derives from Greek words meaning ‘mouse ear.’ This is because the foliage of the plant features tiny, pointed leaves that resemble mouse ears.

How Did Forget Me Nots Get Their Name?

One legend tells about a German knight and his lady wandering along the Danube riverbanks. The woman saw pretty blue flowers, but the flow of the river had pulled them away.

Forget Me Not Plant Care

Forget-me-not is an adaptable and versatile plant. It is resistant to rabbits and deer, attracts butterflies and bees, and even has many landscape uses.


If you’re growing forget me nots in the north, you can easily grow them in either full sun or partial shade. However, when growing it in warmer southern regions, make sure the plant gets some afternoon shade.


Forget me not plants thrive in rich, well-drained soil that’s consistently moist. They can, however, tolerate wet soil, and some species even grow in standing water.

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