Floral Giants: Explore 15 Plants with Extraordinary Large Blooms

We’re talking about blooms that make you stop in your tracks and say, “Wow!” From towering sunflowers to dinner plate-sized dahlias, these plants are proof that when it comes to nature’s beauty, size does matter.

Mammoth Russian Sunflower

In the world of sunflowers, the Mammoth Russian variety reigns supreme. These sun-worshippers can grow up to 12-24 feet high, producing colossal 10-16 inch-wide flowers that create a breathtaking sight.

Corpse Flower

You won’t easily forget the Corpse Flower, which is as unforgettable as its name. This Indonesian native has massive blooms that can span up to 3-4 feet! But here’s the kicker – these impressive blossoms emit a smell akin to rotting meat.

Bigleaf Magnolia

As the name suggests, the Bigleaf Magnolia doesn’t hold back. Its leaves are as huge as its ornamental white blooms, stretching from 8-12 inches. You can find these giants gracing the woodlands of the southeastern United States.

Indian Summer Rudbeckia

The Indian Summer Rudbeckia, a short-lived perennial, showcases bold, 6-10 inch-wide flowers. For an intense yellow hue, simply plant it in direct sunlight, and watch it shine.

California Giant Zinnia

Zinnias are known for their colorful and cheerful blooms, and the California Giant Mix is no exception. With flowers spanning 3-5 inches across, these zinnias come in a delightful mix of shades.

Candle Larkspur

With striking blue flower spikes that can grow up to 2-3 feet tall, the Candle Larkspur is a dazzling addition to any garden. It’s not just beautiful; it’s also heat and humidity-resistant.

Shimadaijin Tree Peony

The Shimadaijin Tree Peony enchants with scented blooms that span 5-8 inches wide. You’ll find these magnificent flowers in shades of pink, yellow, white, magenta, and red on a 4-5 feet tall plant.

Oriental Lily

These pure white, fragrant flowers aren’t just lovely; they’re also quite tall, measuring almost 8-12 inches. With clusters of blooms, they create an illusion of even greater grandeur.

Limelight Hydrangea

The Limelight Hydrangea starts with chartreuse-colored flowers that later transition to a pink hue. These clusters of blossoms can be as wide as 6-8 inches, adding a splash of color to any garden.

Ornamental Onion

The Ornamental Onion surprises with spherical blooms that open as violet-purple orbs, measuring up to 10 inches wide. These beauties are right at home in gardens and thrive during late spring and early summer.

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