Fig Wasp: Are There Dead Wasps in My Figs? (Complete Guide)

In this article, you’ll learn everything there is to fig wasp, including their life cycle, mutualism with figs, and I’ll answer the question do figs have dead wasps in them in detail in this article.

What is a Fig Wasp?

The fig wasp belongs to the family Agaonidae, which is made up of over 1000 species of tiny wasps that are specialized to pollinate figs.

Lifecycle of a Fig Wasp

As the plant’s sole pollinator, fig wasps perform an important part in its life cycle. This implies that fig wasps are responsible for transporting pollen from one fig plant to another.

The Relationship Between Fig Plant and Fig Wasp

Both the fig plant and the fig wasp are interested in reproduction. In order for this to take happen for fig plants, one fig plant must exchange its genetic material in the form of pollen with another fig plant of the same species.

Two Different Types of Figs

There’s no going back out and flying to another plant once she’s inside but she first has to consider if she’s in the right place to begin with.

Do Figs Have Wasps In Them?

Even though edible figs may not contain baby wasps, does this not imply that they contain a large number of dead female wasps?

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