Echeveria Succulents – How To Grow & Care For

Echeveria is a flowering succulent that is native to areas like Mexico, Central America, South America and other lower hemisphere regions.


There are plenty of chubby varieties and shapes of echeveria succulents.  Succulents echeveria produce are especially beautiful in appearance.

Types of Echeveria

Echeveria agavoides – The red edges on the lime green echeveria plants are why this variety is named “lipstick”. Echeveria elegans – With pearlescent tones, these echeveria plants will send out tall stems with yellow-tipped flowers.

What Are Succulents?

Echeveria and other succulents are popular house plants that love the afternoon sun and make a great addition to any green thumb.

Echeveria Care

This plant loves dry soil and desert conditions, needs little water, and can be grouped into pots or containers for indoor house growth.


Echeveria propagation works by sending out baby plants. Growers can be found right up against the echeveria plants. The main rosette is usually called the “hen” and the offshoots are called “chicks”.

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