Dogwood Tree: Care, Planting, History, and Common Types

Dogwood trees make an excellent landscape choice for all four seasons. They’re available in an extensive range of colors, sizes, and shapes, and provide structure.

Dogwood Tree History and Lore

There is quite a lot of history and lore surrounding the dogwood tree in the US, specifically the flowering dogwood tree (Cornus florida) specie. This is the specie that’s commonly seen around the US.

Wildlife Value of Dogwood Tree

The uses and history of dogwood trees aren’t only limited to humans, since even wildlife has benefited from the tree. The seeds, fruits, flowers, twigs, bark, and leaves have all been used as food by various animals.

Dogwood Tree Care

Dogwood trees are understory trees that typically thrive in the shade. They flourish in a partial shade area with some morning sun in a residential landscape.


Some dogwood trees can withstand the full sun. However, the majority prefer dappled sunlight, with mainly partial shade and protection from the full sun provided by larger trees.


Dogwood trees prefer slightly acidic, well-drained soil. The trees should be kept moist, although once established, they can tolerate intermittent dry periods.

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