Deck the Halls with Greenery: 13 Must-Have Holiday Plants

Elevate your home into a winter wonderland with 13 resilient holiday plants. Beyond decoration, these enchanting companions thrive year-round, bringing lasting festive charm and nature's magic to your space.

Christmas Cactus

Embrace the holidays with the stunning Christmas Cactus, a delightful, low-maintenance succulent that blooms in various colors, including red, white, pink, and purple.


No holiday decor is complete without the iconic Poinsettia, boasting vibrant scarlet red, white, cream, yellow, and pink hues. Beyond their temporary glittery facade.


Add a touch of elegance with the Amaryllis, a winter-blooming houseplant known for its colossal trumpet-like flowers in deep red, white, and pink shades.


Enhance your festive arrangements with the delicate beauty of Paperwhites, featuring clusters of small, fragrant, snow-white flowers atop tall green stems.


Beyond its culinary applications, Rosemary is a versatile and aromatic holiday plant. With slender, needle-like leaves and a woody stem, Rosemary can be grown indoors in containers year-round or planted outdoors in the spring.


No holiday gathering is complete without the tradition of hanging mistletoe. This evergreen plant, known for its translucent white berries, is commonly used in festive decor.


Symbolic of the holiday season, Holly plants, with their spiky glossy leaves and bright red berries, add a pop of festive color to garlands, Christmas trees, and wreaths.


Infuse tropical colors into your holiday decor with the vibrant Croton plant. Known for its variegated leaves in red, orange, yellow, and green shades, Crotons can be challenging but rewarding when given the proper care.


Also known as the flamingo flower, Anthuriums are tropical plants that add unique shapes and vibrant colors to your holiday arrangements. While they may be climbers with roots growing from the stem.


Bring a touch of elegance indoors with the winter-blooming Cyclamen, known for its butterfly-like petals in red, white, or pink. Ideal for centerpieces, Cyclamen can be grown both indoors and outdoors.

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