Creeping Phlox Guide: How to Plant and Grow Creeping Phlox

If you’re looking for a flowering ground cover that’s not only beautiful but also easy to grow, then Creeping Phlox is the one for you. Known for its stunning carpet-like growth and vibrant blossoms, this plant is a favorite among gardeners.

Creeping Phlox Care

Creeping phlox, also known as Phlox stolonifera, is a low-growing perennial plant that is native to North America. It is highly valued for its beautiful, carpet-like appearance and its ability to spread and fill in empty spaces in the garden.


Creeping phlox thrives in full sunlight, although it can tolerate partial shade. Ideally, it should receive at least six hours of direct sunlight daily. By placing it in a sunny spot, you will encourage healthy growth and vibrant blossoms.

Temperature and Humidity

Creeping phlox is a hardy plant that can withstand a range of temperatures. It is adaptable to both cool and warm climates, making it suitable for various regions.


Applying a balanced slow-release fertilizer in early spring can help promote the growth and flowering of creeping phlox. Choose a fertilizer specifically formulated for flowering plants and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for application rates.

Types of Creeping Phlox

Creeping phlox is a versatile and beautiful plant that comes in a variety of colors and cultivars, allowing gardeners to choose the perfect fit for their landscape.  Let’s explore some popular phlox species:

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