Creeping Charlie AKA Ground Ivy – Everything You Need to Know

What is Creeping Charlie?

Creeping Charlie is a ground-hugging plant classified as an aromatic evergreen and a mint relative. Creeping Charlie is a perennial, meaning it can live over two years and thrive in moist shady areas, though it can also tolerate sun. Creeping Charlie was thought to be a good shade groundcover.

Is Creeping Charlie Really That Bad?

Although some homeowners are not fond of creeping Charlie, it doesn’t mean it’s necessarily a nuisance weed; it can add flavor to different dishes and offer other benefits.

Is Creeping Charlie Edible?

Young creeping charlie leaves can be eaten raw and cooked. Creeping Charlie leaves have a strong mint-like odor and can be tossed into salads or fresh dishes to add a slight aromatic tang.

Identifying Creeping Charlie

Weed identification is always a necessary first step. This ground-hugging plant has a square stem that can vary in length from a couple of inches to two feet long.

How and When to Get Rid of Creeping Charlie

It all depends on your level of infestation and the weeding removal method you pick; it’s best to get rid of this evergreen creeper during early-spring or fall (after the first frost). Grasses on the thin and sparse side need to improve turf health and increase density to get a handle on these weeds.

Hand-Pulling Method

As previously mentioned, hand pulling is one of the most pet-safe common ways to eliminate Creeping Charlie. Although you’ll likely have to repeat this process to eliminate it completely, it may be a practical solution for vegetable or flower gardens.

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