Complete Guide to Plant, Grow, and Care for a Sycamore Tree

The majestic American Sycamore Tree is the largest deciduous tree in North America, growing to a height of around 75 – 100 feet tall.

Sycamore Tree Care

The sycamore tree tolerates wet areas better than many other trees since it thrives along streams in the wild. Additionally, it can endure some of the air pollution that is common in cities.


Your beautiful sycamore tree will grow best in full sun, though it can take slight shade as well.

Temperature and Humidity

The sycamore tree is adaptable to a wide range of climates all the way from USDA zones 4 to 9. This means that it’s unaffected by humidity, and thrives in both cooler and warmer zones.


The sycamore isn’t a heavy feeder. To give it a boost, apply a complete fertilizer in early spring. The package’s directions will specify how much fertilizer to use based on the size of the tree and should be closely followed.

How to Plant and Grow Sycamore Tree

If your sycamore isn’t a cultivar, you can start it from seed in the pods. Wait until the pods fall in the spring so that any necessary stratification will be handled by nature.

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