City Living, City Prepping: Your Guide to Urban Prepping

We’ll provide you with practical and engaging tips on how to achieve self-reliance in a city, even when space and resources are limited. Let’s dive into the art of urban prepping!

Build Your Food Supply

Stock up on high-calorie, non-perishable foods like dried meat and peanut butter. Opt for space-efficient dry goods over bulky canned items.

Build Your Water Supply

Store bottled water in closets or pantries. Consider purifying water filters and containers for extra supply. Fill tubs and sinks with water before a crisis.

Bug Out Your Vehicle

Keep your car ready with extra food, water, warm clothing, essential tools, and car maintenance supplies. Maintain your vehicle regularly.

Create a “Get Out of Dodge” Plan

Map escape routes from the city, have alternative ways in mind and be prepared for self-defense if needed. Hack: Familiarize yourself with hidden urban shortcuts and safe zones

Create a Communication Plan

Establish a family communication plan with designated meet-up locations in case of separation. Hack: Use walkie-talkies or messaging apps with offline capabilities for communication.

Explore Your City

Know your urban environment, including critical locations, intersections, and alternative routes. Hack: Create a laminated map with essential details for your bug-out bag.

Household Training

Equip yourself and your family with essential skills, including first-aid, self-defense, physical fitness, and situational awareness. Hack: Use online resources and instructional videos for cost-effective training.

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