Chill Out, Spruce Up: 11 DIY Tasks for a Winter Weekend

Winter weekends don’t have to be synonymous with Netflix marathons. Dive into these DIY projects to turn a gloomy weekend into a home improvement adventure.

Clutter-Free Garage

Is your garage a chaotic mess? Fear not! Install overhead storage racks and shelves to clear the clutter. Mount the racks to the ceiling, offering a perfect spot for seasonal items and decorations.

Closet Organization

Tackle the closet chaos by donating or selling clothes you no longer wear. Introduce shelf dividers to maintain neatly folded stacks and utilize over-the-door shoe organizers for accessories.

Fireplace Makeover

Is your fireplace the focal point lacking flair? A small project with a significant impact: paint it! Identify the material and select an appropriate paint type. Water-based paint suits brick well.

Gallery Wall

Breathe life into your walls by crafting an eye-catching gallery: group photos or artwork for a personalized touch. Before committing to nails, try this hack: cut newspaper into frame-sized pieces and tape them on the wall to experiment with layouts.

Kitchen Hardware Upgrade

Revamp your kitchen effortlessly by swapping out cabinet handles and knobs—a quick visual change on a small budget. Remember to bring an existing piece when shopping to ensure the correct size.

Paint a Small Room

Are you yearning for a quick room transformation? A fresh coat of paint does wonders. Prep is critical—sand surfaces, fill gaps, and wipe walls clean. Drop cloths on the floor to ease cleanup.

Smart Thermostat Installation

Take control of your HVAC system with a smart thermostat. Reduce heating costs and save about $50 annually. The installation is typically straightforward, but consult an electrician for compatibility if your system is ancient.


Beat the winter chill by weatherstripping cracks around windows and doors. Choose foam weatherstripping for irregular-size cracks. Do it early in the season to prevent heat loss—open windows during the process.

Shower Head Upgrade

Are you tired of a dripping showerhead? Pro tip: Replace it with a WaterSense model and save 2,700 gallons of water annually. This easy DIY task requires no plumber.

Festive Front Door

Spruce up your entrance with a winter-themed wreath or doormat. Get creative with seasonal colors and textures. This simple touch adds curb appeal and welcomes you and your guests with warmth and holiday cheer.

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