Black Aphids – What Are They and How to Kill Them – With Pictures

Also known as melon aphids, black aphids are oval-shaped tiny insects that multiply quickly and could potentially harm your plants as they suck the sap out of them.

What are Black Aphids?

Black aphids (Aphis fabae) are tiny insects that measure up to ⅛ inches long. These little dark insects cling, pierce and suck the sap out of plants.

Identifying Aphids

Adult aphids generally have pear-shaped bodies with long antennas, yet they are often invisible to the naked eye. Young aphids (nymphs) resemble adults, but most species have two cornicles.

Biology & Life Cycle

Winter: Overwinter as eggs on Viburnum (snowball bush) and Euonymus (burning bush). Spring: Before giving birth to winged females, asexual wingless females spend two to three generations on winter hosts.

Aphids Natural Enemies

Green lacewings: voracious aphid predators that feed as larvae. – Brown lacewings: similar to green lacewings but smaller, there are frequently found on trees.

Aphid Damage & Symptoms

As previously mentioned, aphids feed on the plant’s sap, which weakens them and reduces their growth. But aphids can also carry and transmit viruses from plant to plant.

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