Best Annual Flowers for Beginners: 13 Low Maintenance Varieties

Step into a realm of vivid colors and steadfast blossoms as we journey through resilient annual flowers. In this garden ballet, we’ve handpicked 13 enduring beauties that triumph over adversity.


Ageratums, or floss flowers, paint your garden with puffball-like blooms in shades of blue or lavender. Thriving in full sun with moderate moisture, these self-seeders add stunning visual appeal to flower beds and containers.

Bachelor Buttons

Also known as cornflowers, Bachelor Buttons stand tall with frilly, colorful blooms in blue, pink, purple, and white. With easy care and a preference for full sun, these hardy annuals bring a touch of nostalgia to any garden.


Cold-hardy Chrysanthemums burst into a riot of color in the fall, thriving in full sun with well-draining soil. Perfect for zones 4-9, these low-maintenance beauties add a mass of cheerful daisy-shaped blooms to your autumn landscape.


Cosmos, with their vibrant colors of pink, white, yellow, and red, are a lively addition to any garden. Low-maintenance and butterfly-attracting shine in full sun but can also handle partial shade and light frosts.


Dianthus, or Chinese pink, offers bi-color fringed flowers in bright pink or red with white. Thriving in full sun with moist soil, these hardy annuals bring head-turning blooms throughout the season.


In gold, orange, or red, marigolds are versatile hardy annuals, thriving in various hardiness zones. African marigolds are drought-tolerant, while French marigolds prefer wetter conditions.

Million Bells

Lovely Million Bells, or calibrachoas, with trumpet-shaped blooms, are perfect for hanging baskets and containers. Heat-loving and blooming from spring to fall.


Tiny, dainty Pansies with showy yellow, white, purple, blue, and orange flowers add cottage-garden charm. Drought-tolerant and flourishing in cooler temperatures, they’re perfect for spring and fall.


Petunias are drought and heat-tolerant with continuous blooms in white, pink, purple, and more. Perfect for full sun to partial shade, these quick-growers offer lush foliage and vibrant colors.


Salvias, resembling lavender, produce vibrant red, pink, white, purple, blue, or yellow blooms. Ideal for partial sun, drought-tolerant, and with bushy growth, they add texture and color to flower beds and borders.

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