Alder Tree: Description, Types, and Care Tips (Full Guide)

Alder trees belong to the genus Alnus, a group of trees and shrubs that are part of the birch family Betulaceae. These deciduous trees can reach impressive heights, with some species growing up to 100 feet tall!

Alder Tree Plant Care

Caring for alder trees is relatively straightforward, and these remarkable trees are known for their resilience and adaptability to various environmental conditions.


Alder trees, like many other deciduous trees, are adaptable when it comes to light requirements. They can thrive in various light conditions, from full sun to partial shade.


Alder trees are known for their adaptability to wet environments and have specific soil preferences that help them thrive. They flourish in moist, well-draining soils.


These trees are well-suited for wet environments and have moderate to high water needs. However, once established, they exhibit excellent adaptability to various soil conditions.

Temperature and Humidity

With their remarkable adaptability, Alder trees can withstand various temperature conditions. They generally thrive in temperate climates, but specific temperature requirements vary depending on the species.


In general, alder trees are relatively low-maintenance when it comes to fertilizer. These hardy trees can remarkably enrich the soil themselves, thanks to their nitrogen-fixing properties.


Pruning alder trees is essential to their care, ensuring they maintain a healthy and robust structure. While these trees are naturally hardy and low-maintenance, occasional pruning can help address specific issues and enhance their overall appearance.


Alder trees are hardy and well-suited for colder climates, but they still benefit from some attention during the winter months. One key overwintering aspect is ensuring the trees are adequately hydrated before the ground freezes.

Types of Alder Tree

Red Alder Red alder, also known as the Pacific Coast Alder or Alder Tree Oregon, native to North America, is a deciduous tree admired for its rapid growth and adaptability to various soil types.

Black Alder

Commonly found in Europe and parts of Asia, black alder is a deciduous tree that thrives in wetland areas. Black Alder is also known as common alder or European alder.

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