32 Stunning Green Flowers for Your Garden (With Pictures)

There’s something fresh and unexpected about naturally green flowers, especially cause there are low-maintenance green flowers for those with a brown thumb.

Bells of Ireland

Bells of Ireland are elegant and tall plants with distinctive green bell-shaped calyxes that surround small white flowers. These blooms make a beautiful addition to floral arrangements and gardens alike.

Green Dianthus ‘Green Ball’

If a green flower could be the life of the party, the dianthus ‘Green Ball’ would be just that! This flower has soft, fuzzy, round, light green colored balls, making it a fun addition to beds and containers.

Green Calla Lily

Calla lilies are available in an array of colors. Although white calla lilies are popular for wedding bouquets, these light green calla lilies are a stunning addition to gardens.

Green Chrysanthemum

Also known as mums, Chrysanthemums are available in various shapes and shades, including bright green. All mum varieties are a mainstay in the florist industry.

Green Carnations

Carnations can sometimes be overlooked when it comes to bouquet creations, but green carnations are a nice touch to any flower arrangement.

Green Dahlia

Dahlias are available in various colors, but the lime green dahlia often gets overlooked. Dahlia shows off from midsummer to fall.

Green Flowering Tobacco

This leafy plant with full-bodied stalks creates a solid foundation for small flowers at the top. This dainty-looking plant is beautiful but toxic! Keep away from animals and children!

Green Gladiolus

These flowers make excellent focal points in gardens and create eye-catching floral arrangements. To cultivate Green Gladiolus, plant the bulbs in well-drained soil and provide them with full sun exposure.

Green Hydrangea

Hydrangea has beautiful pom-pom-like flowers, which make it an all-time classic flower. Hydrangeas are best enjoyed as a bouquet, but a single stem is equally fantastic.

Green Ranunculus

Ranunculus are popular cut flowers with a rose-like hypnotizing construction. Green ranunculus has a celery-like look that fits this organic freestyle arrangement.

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