32 Best Evergreen Shrubs to Grow for Your Landscaping

Have you ever dreamt of a landscape that remains lush and vibrant year-round, with minimal maintenance and the added bonus of being deer-resistant? Well, you’re in luck because evergreen shrubs are here to make your dream garden a reality!

Boxwood (Buxus sempervirens)

Boxwood (Buxus sempervirens) is a classic and versatile evergreen shrub known for its dark green, glossy foliage. It’s often used for hedges and topiary due to its dense growth habit.

Japanese Holly (Ilex crenata)

Japanese Holly (Ilex crenata), also known as box-leaved holly, is appreciated for its small, dark green leaves. It produces inconspicuous flowers in the spring.

Rhododendron (Rhododendron spp.)

Rhododendron (Rhododendron spp.) encompasses a wide range of species and varieties, each with its unique characteristics. These shrubs are valued for their showy, colorful flowers that appear in spring to early summer.

Mountain Laurel (Kalmia latifolia)

Mountain Laurel (Kalmia latifolia) is a native American evergreen shrub that showcases clusters of white to pink, cup-shaped flowers in late spring to early summer.

Dwarf Yaupon Holly

Dwarf Yaupon Holly (Ilex vomitoria ‘Nana’) is a compact evergreen shrub known for its small, dark green leaves and dense growth habit. It produces inconspicuous flowers in the spring and thrives in full sun to part shade.

Azalea (Rhododendron spp.)

Azaleas (Rhododendron spp.) come in various species and cultivars, each offering a unique display of spring flowers. The foliage is typically green, and flower colors range from white to shades of pink.

Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis)

Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) is a fragrant evergreen herb with aromatic gray-green leaves. It produces blue to lavender flowers in spring to early summer. Rosemary thrives in full sun and well-drained, sandy soil.

Dwarf Alberta Spruce

Dwarf Alberta Spruce (Picea glauca ‘Conica’) is a compact evergreen conifer with bright green needles that maintain their color throughout the year. This non-flowering shrub is well-suited for full sun and well-drained soil.

Pieris (Pieris japonica)

Pieris (Pieris japonica), also known as Andromeda, is an elegant evergreen shrub appreciated for its attractive, dark green leaves. In early spring, it produces cascades of white to pink.

Lavender (Lavandula spp.)

Lavender (Lavandula spp.) comprises various species, each known for its fragrant, gray-green foliage and aromatic, lavender to blue flowers. These shrubs typically range in height from 1 to 3 feet.

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