23 Best Fast-Growing Trees For Your Yard (Complete Guide)

Whether you’re looking to add privacy to your landscape, enhance aesthetics, or need protection against strong winds, investing in some fast-growing trees can be an excellent decision.

Japanese Flowering Cherry

The Prunus serrulata, commonly known as the Japanese Flowering Cherry, is a charming mid-size tree that performs well in most landscape styles. Renowned for its stunning and vibrant blooms.

Japanese Angelica Tree

The Japanese Angelica tree, scientifically known as Aralia elata, is a fast-growing tree native to East Asia. It’s known for its thick, spiny bark and large bipinnate leaves that lend an exotic touch to any landscape.

Weeping Willow

The Weeping Willow, known scientifically as Salix babylonica, is an excellent choice for a fast-growing tree that can transform your garden’s landscape. Acclaimed for its beautiful foliage and triggered spring blooms.

Honey Locust

A fast-growing tree, the Honey Locust, makes its presence known not only in landscapes but also in the hearts of gardeners. Used widely as a shade tree, this hybrid cultivar is a sight to behold during the bloom season.

Koa (Acacia koa)

Koa trees, or Acacia koa, are versatile and fast-growing evergreen trees that offer numerous benefits for any garden. Originating from the hybrid cultivars of the Acacia species, these have proven highly adaptable to various conditions.

Royal Poinciana

The Royal Poinciana, also known as Delonix regia, is a spectacular tree that transforms any landscape with its vibrant orange-red flowers and luxurious, fern-like foliage.

Leyland Cypress

The Leyland cypress (Cuprocyparis leylandii), a hybrid of two evergreen species, is renowned for its fast growth and spectacular foliage, with its leaves having a feathery, soft texture.

Pin Oak

A favored member of the landscape for many homeowners and gardeners, the Pin Oak, or Quercus palustris, holds substantial importance for both its aesthetic appeal and practical benefits.

Green Giant Arborvitae

The Green Giant Arborvitae, known scientifically as Thuja ‘Green Giant’, is a spectacular hybrid cultivar that can be a real presence in any landscape. Widely recognized for its fast growth.

River Birch

The River birch, known scientifically as Betula nigra, is an outstanding fast-growing tree that holds promise for those in search of shade and charm in their landscape. Its distinctive peeling bark, from whence it got its name.

Freeman Maple

The Freeman Maple ‘Autumn Blaze’ is a favorite among gardeners and a standout in any landscape. A hybrid cultivar, this tree showcases the best traits of its parents.

Tulip Poplar Tree

The Tulip Poplar tree, also known as Yellow Poplar, is a magnificent, fast-growing shade tree that can transform your landscape. This impressive specimen is not actually a part of the Poplar family.

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