17 Outdoor Plants to Decorate Your Christmas

Transform your garden into a festive paradise with enchanting outdoor Christmas plants like the Frosty Fern and majestic Douglas Fir. Let nature's ornaments turn your home into a winter wonderland!

Frosty Fern

The Frosty Fern, adorned with dense green leaves and silver tips, brings elegance to your garden. It is ideal for those seeking a unique outdoor Christmas plant.


With gray-green needle-like leaves and charming pink and white flowers, Rosemary is a festive choice, infusing fragrance and visual appeal into your holiday landscape.

Norfolk Island Pine

The Norfolk Island Pine is a global favorite, featuring soft needle-like leaves and whorled branches, promising a picturesque addition to your outdoor Christmas display.

Douglas Fir

A beautiful and easy-to-maintain outdoor Christmas plant, the Douglas Fir captivates with its impressive height, making it a focal point in any festive garden.

Lemon Cypress

The Lemon Cypress resembles a golden Christmas tree and boasts an upright pyramidal shape, adding a touch of brilliance to your outdoor holiday decor.

Dwarf Alberta Spruce

The Dwarf Alberta Spruce, with its bright green needle-like leaves and pyramidal shape, effortlessly mimics the charm of a classic Christmas tree. Its compact size makes it a perfect choice for smaller outdoor spaces.

Colorado Blue Spruce

Also known as Green or White Spruce, the Colorado Blue Spruce stands out with its blue-silver foliage, thanks to prickly needles on dark barks—a coveted choice for a festive atmosphere.

Fraser Fir

With silvery blue-green needles on sturdy branches and a delightful fragrance, the Frazer Fir is a go-to option for outdoor Christmas decorations. It promises to bring charm and scent to your holiday landscape.

Noble Fir

An easy-to-grow tree requiring full sun, the Noble Fir boasts a columnar shape and beautiful upward-folding needles, revealing its attractive red-brown wood—a resilient and visually appealing choice.

Arizona Cypress

Among the most stunning Living Christmas Trees, the Arizona Cypress charms with its soft gray-green needles that fill the air with an enticing fragrance—a perfect choice for a festive atmosphere.

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