Do you dream of growing your own tomatoes, herbs, and vegetables all year long? Then a DIY greenhouse is what you need! Having your own greenhouse can help you extend the growing season.

1. Lean-To Greenhouse

This category includes greenhouses that are built against the side of a building or attached to one side of an existing structure. The greenhouse walls can be used as one side of the greenhouse or placed between two buildings.

2. Barn Style Greenhouse

If you’re thinking about aesthetics and want a barn-style greenhouse that’s freestanding, looks great, and gets the job done, then this category is perfect for you.

3. A-Frame Greenhouses

A-frame Greenhouses are a type of structure that consists of a triangular frame with the apex pointing upwards. The structure is usually supported by a foundation or legs that can be accessed from the ground.

4. Gable Greenhouses

Greenhouses with gable roofs are among the most common types of greenhouses because they receive the most sunlight while also providing a large area inside the structure for growing a large number of plants.

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