12 Indoor DIY Projects to Beat the Winter Blues

As the snow blankets your garden, don’t let the winter blues keep you from your green passions! To keep the gardening spirit going, look into these 12 delightful DIY projects that’ll keep your gardening spirit alive.

Build a Potting Bench

So, picture this – you’re gearing up for serious gardening, but where do you pot your plants? Enter the DIY potting bench! Grab some old wooden pallets, get crafty, and voila!

Create a Platform Bird Feeder

Birds need a cozy spot, too, right? It’s time to fashion a platform bird feeder with spare wood and wire mesh. Sneaky trick: Toss on a roof to keep the birdie buffet safe from the elements.

Design a Fairy Garden

Let’s add a touch of magic to your indoor space! Grab those small houseplants, throw in a bit of nature you find outside, and boom – your fairy garden. Psst… add tiny LED lights for that extra enchantment.

Embroider Your Linens

Are you feeling a bit crafty on those winter nights? Personalize your aprons and towels with simple plant-themed embroidery. Easy peasy hack: Pick designs that match your mood and your linens.

Heat Up a Simmer Pot

Your home deserves to smell amazing, right? Whip up a simmer pot with herbs, citrus, and spices. Pro move: Change the scents based on your vibe or the season. Your nose will thank you.

Make a Solitary Bee House

Bees need a home, too! Craft a bee hotel with reeds and wood. Fun fact: Bees dig shades of blue and purple, so paint it up and make it bee-worthy.

Relax with a Herbal Bath Bomb

Imagine this – a cozy bath with DIY herbal bath bombs made from your garden goodies. Hack: Mix scents and colors for a spa day right at home—pure relaxation.

Sew a Gathering Apron

Harvest time is hectic, right? Sew up a gathering apron with elastic or ties for an easy-peasy produce collection. Handy tip: Go for water-resistant fabric – you never know when the weather might surprise you.

Stitch an Oil Cloth Kneeling Pad

Gardening can be harsh on the knees. Solution? An eco-friendly kneeling pad made from oilcloth and recycled fabric. Double it up for that extra cushion during your gardening marathons.

Try Out Soap Making with Herbs

Get ready to smell amazing! Turn your garden herbs into homemade soaps. Pro hack: Play around with different soap bases and shapes. Lavender and mint, anyone?

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