12 Flowers To Plant With Your Vegetables – Companion Plants

The gardening world is blooming with vibrant possibilities, and it can be done by adding a touch of floral beauty to your vegetable garden! Beyond aesthetics, these 12 flowers are essential in boosting pollination, deterring pests, and enhancing soil health.


Known for its knack for attracting beneficial insects, Angelica is a charming addition to any garden. With edible leaves and captivating flowers, it not only aids in pest control but also supports pollination.


Zinnias are the perfect pick if you’re looking to infuse your vegetable garden with a riot of colors. These vibrant flowers attract butterflies and serve as excellent cut flowers for indoor arrangements.

Black Eyed Susan

A garden favorite, Black Eyed Susan isn’t just a pretty face. Its allure extends to attracting butterflies and bees, making it an excellent choice for enhancing the borders of your vegetable garden.


Beyond its cheerful appearance, calendula is an annual herb that repels whiteflies and aphids. Harvest its petals for various uses, from soap making to soothing teas.


With lacy foliage and deep roots, chamomile retains nutrients and attracts pollinators. This charming flower adds a touch of elegance while benefiting your entire garden.


Cosmos, with its beautiful blooms, is a pollinator magnet. Its hardy nature makes it a perfect companion for bean and tomato gardens, providing a burst of color and aiding in pollination.


Thriving in colder zones, Lavender is a powerhouse against insects. Its aromatic presence confuses pests while attracting bees and butterflies for essential pollination.


A year-round bloomer, Marigold acts as a natural insecticide, making it ideal for pest-ridden areas. It’s a must-have for gardens with green beans, deterring rabbits from munching on your plants.


With its bold and sunny disposition, the sunflower is more than just a decorative giant. Plant these towering beauties to attract pollinators like bees. Sunflowers are adaptable and thrive in various conditions.


Known for its peppery flowers and leaves, Nasturtium is a strong-scented pest repellent. Its low-growing nature makes it perfect for soil cover, benefiting sweet potatoes and maintaining soil health.

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