11 Secrets to a Hydrated and Happy Christmas Tree

Hydrate your Christmas tree like a festive flower! Keep the holiday spirit alive with a water-filled stand. Ensure your tree stays refreshed and fabulous from setup to New Year’s joy.

Ensure your Christmas tree stand is sturdy.

Invest in a durable stand holding at least a gallon of water. Ensure it’s appropriately sized for your tree to prevent any holiday mishaps.

Place the tree in a shaded area.

If you need to wait before setting up your tree, place the tree in a shaded area with the trunk in a bucket of water. Recut the base for fresh wood exposure when ready to set it up.

Cut a straight 1/2″ disc off the base of the trunk.

Use a sharp saw for a clean cut. Avoid V-shapes or angles, as they make the tree unstable. Hack: Recruit a friend to assist – one holds the tree steady while the other does the cutting.

Avoid setting up your tree near a heat source.

Keep it away from direct sunlight, radiators, fireplaces, or even the warmth of your TV. Hack: Embrace the cozy vibe by lowering the room temperature and making it a perfect excuse to wear that ugly Christmas sweater.

Use room temperature tap water for daily watering.

Check the water level daily, especially in the first week. After Christmas, if the water uptake slows down, add a splash of apple cider vinegar to the water for an extra dose of freshness.

Skip antitranspirants, preservatives, and water-holding gels.

Your tree craves clean water. Save money on these additives; a well-hydrated tree doesn’t need them. Hack: Use the leftover funds for extra ornaments or festive snacks.

Opt for LED Christmas lights, not fire retardants.

Do not spray fire retardants because they can damage the needles. Hack: If you’re concerned about fire safety, opt for LED lights, which emit less heat than traditional ones, making your tree safer and shinier.

Choose a water-absorbent tree variety.

Some tree species, like Fraser fir or Scotch pine, absorb water more efficiently. Do some research before purchasing to ensure a longer-lasting, hydrated holiday centerpiece.

Create a DIY humidity tray.

Place a shallow tray filled with water near the tree. As the water evaporates, it creates a micro-environment of humidity, helping slow down the tree’s drying process.

Rotate the tree periodically.

Ensure all sides of the tree receive equal exposure to your home’s festivities. Rotate the tree every few days to prevent one side from drying out faster than the others.

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