10 Beautiful Outdoor Plants That Are Impossible To Kill

One of the challenges of planning and cultivating an outdoor garden is finding the right plants that’ll thrive in your garden’s soil and climate.

1. Agave

Finding plants that flourish in dry, sunny areas can be as challenging as plants that blossom in highly shaded spaces. The agave is one option for yards that tend to run dry.

2. Desert Rose

The desert rose is a versatile plant that grows outside as an ornamental plant and indoors in colder climates, flowering in purple, pink, and white. The thick trunk of the desert rose gives it a resemblance to Japanese bonsai trees.

3. Sedum

A hardy perennial that can thrive in shallow soil, sedum can go for long periods without water. Sedums are low-maintenance plants with versatility: they can be grown in containers or used for ground cover, edges, and planting over a large area.

4. Ajuga

Ajuga is a small, low-maintenance evergreen perennial with blue-purple, green, and colorful leaves. Ajuga is usually a shade plant, but some varieties can grow in sunny areas depending on the color of the leaves.

5. Caladium

Distinguished by their bright foliage shaped like arrows and hearts, caladium light up any shady outdoor space in white, red, and pink. A tropical perennial that can tolerate some direct sunlight, this easy-to-grow plant is an excellent starter plant for inexperienced gardeners.

6. Carex Pensylvanica

Carex pensylvanica, also called Pennsylvania Sedge, is an acceptable substitute in partially to fully shaded areas of lawn where grass has difficulty growing.

7. Armeria

If your garden is beachside, finding plants that can survive and thrive in light or sandy soil can be difficult. An evergreen perennial like Armeria is an excellent option for sandy soil environments.

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