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Sunlight Supply, Inc.

From growing media to ventilations systems and everything in between, Sunlight Supply has you covered for indoor, hydroponic, organic and greenhouse gardening. This family-owned company is based in Vancouver, Washington.

  • Sulfur Prills

    Sulphur Prills

    This pure, clean-burning formula will help you eliminate mildew and mites.

    $8.95 $4.75
  • Epic 8 Reflector

    Epic 8

    Top quality with the power of a 98% reflective surface to make every watt count.

    $381.95 $259.95
  • Garden Syringe (60Ml)

    Measuring Syringe

    Quick, easy and accurate! No more pouring liquids into a measuring spoon or cup.

    $5.95 $3.27
  • Vertizontal Reflector


    Features a large parabolic shape that covers a wide swath from low mounting heights.

    $164.95 $89.95
  • Adjust A Wings


    May be shaped to a wide or narrow setting depending on the needs of your plants.

    $132.95 $99.95
  • Magnum XXXL 6 AC Reflector

    Magnum 6

    Includes a German aluminum interior that offers excellent reflectivity and diffusion.

    $269.95 $181.20
  • Magnum XXXL 8 AC Reflector

    Magnum 8

    Bigger is better! Recognized nationally as one of the finest fixtures on the market.

    $281.95 $193.70