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The #1 name in high-voltage HID lighting controllers. Powerbox makes utilizing 240v power for your hydroponics garden easy and efficient. Simply install the required outlet, plug in your Power Box lighting controller, and you’re ready to grow!

  • Powerbox® DPC-24000-BT


    Everything you need to run up to 24 1,000W ballasts, plus 120-volt accessories — safely!

    $2,499.95 $1,872.55
  • PowerBox DPC-15000TD


    The #1 choice for top growers! Powers ten 1,000W lights with hot start delay.

    $889.00 $529.00
  • PowerBox DPC-7500


    Connects to a 4-wire 240V service, but provides six 120V outlets (10 amps each).

    $379.00 $165.00
  • PowerBox DPC-7500 240V

    DPC-7500 240V

    Connects to 240V main power and provides 240V power through six outlets.

    $339.00 $189.00
  • PowerBox DPC-7500 Combo

    DPC-7500 Combo

    Connects to 240V power and includes four 240V outlets and two 120V outlets.

    $369.00 $189.00
  • Powerbox FlipBox


    Now you can operate two lamps with one ballast and double your production.

    $149.00 $84.00
  • FlipBox LSM-12

    LSM-12 Flip Box

    Allows you to run twelve HID lamps from six remote 120V/240V ballasts.

    $749.00 $379.00
  • FlipBox LSM-20

    LSM-20 Flip Box

    Use the LSM-20 Flipbox to run twenty HID lamps from ten remote ballasts.

    $1,149.00 $723.75
  • PowerBox DPC-12000


    Use to run up to ten 1,000 watt ballasts, plus 120-volt accessories — safely!

    $769.00 $439.00
  • PowerBox DPC-12000D


    Dual trigger cord is capable of running up to twelve 1,000 watt ballasts at 240-volts.

    $799.00 $439.00
  • PowerBox DPC-12000TD


    Powers ten 1,000w ballasts and features a user-adjustable time delay function.

    $869.00 $499.00
  • PowerBox DPC-15000


    Our top-selling model! Use to run up to ten 1,000w ballasts, plus 120v accessories.

    $789.00 $459.00