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Potting Shed Creations

The Art of Gardening. The Art of Design. Founded in 1998, Potting Shed Creations provides attractive garden gifts where smart design and craftsmanship converge with functionality and a healthy respect for the planet’s natural resources.

  • Seed Saving Kit

    Seed Saving Kit

    A great gift! Use to preserve seed for next season and future generations.

    $25.50 $12.50
  • Apple Tree-To-Be

    Apple Tree-To-Be

    Contains everything you need to start your own apple tree from seed.

    $24.95 $12.00
  • Stone Soup Gardening Kit 1

    Stone Soup

    This fun-filled gift will grow with your child and provide valuable life lessons.

    $24.95 $15.65
  • The Secret Garden Kit 1

    The Secret Garden

    A gorgeous gift for any level of gardener! Contains ALL you need to get started.

    $24.95 $15.65
  • Bamboo Grow Pot


    Includes everything you need to get started. Just add water and sunlight!

    $19.95 $10.00
  • Edible Flower Garden

    Edible Flower

    Flower varieties range in flavor from mild to spicy and can be used dried or fresh.

    $14.95 $9.90
  • Gourmet Salad Garden

    Gourmet Salad

    Includes salad vegetables selected for their superior flavor and ease of growth.

    $14.95 $7.90
  • GROWbottle


    Made from recycled wine bottles, these hydrogardens come ready to plant!

    $34.95 $22.55
  • GROWbottle Replant Kit

    Replant (GROWbottle)

    Includes everything you need to get started using your GROWbottle again.

    $7.95 $4.00
  • Herbal Tea Garden

    Herbal Tea

    A unique collection of herbal teas and flowers that are ready to plant indoors or out.

    $14.95 $9.90
  • MICROgreens Window Garden


    Produce fresh micro-greens in less than TWO weeks with this easy-to-use planter box.

    $44.95 $30.05
  • Wine Lovers Herb Garden

    Wine Lovers

    This popular collection is the perfect gift for ANY wine aficionados on your list.

    $14.95 $7.90
  • Organic Cat Grass 1


    A special treat that serves as a natural detoxifier, deodorizer and mild antibiotic.

    $3.95 $1.60
  • Organic Catnip 1


    A member of the mint family, catnip has long been grown for its euphoric effect. Organic.

    $3.95 $2.05
  • Organic Dog Grass 1

    Dog Grass

    Easy to grow, organic barley grass serves as a natural detoxifier and deodorizer.

    $3.95 $1.60