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Succeeding with nature! The PONDCARE brand by Mars Fishcare includes a large selection of pond products to help keep backyard water features healthy, clean and clear.

  • Microbial Algae Clean

    Algae Clean

    A biological inhibitor of green algae that is safe to use with plants and live fish.

    $22.95 $10.00
  • Accu-Clear Pond Clarifier


    Quickly clears cloudy water and keeps it clean during peak summer months.

    $59.95 $30.00
  • AlgaeFix (Algaecide)


    Helps control algae and is SAFE to use in water features with live fish and plants.

    $17.95 $10.03
  • Barley Clear Pond Care

    Barley Clear

    Barley and peat plus other activators work quickly to clean murky water.

    $22.95 $16.20
  • BioFilter Booster

    BioFilter Booster

    Use to reduce the toxic buildup created by fish waste, uneaten food and dead algae.

    $21.95 $15.65
  • EcoFix Bacterial Pond Clarifier


    Breaks down algae and cleans water to create a healthy ecosystem for fish.

    $34.95 $19.97
  • Pond-Zyme Plus Pond Cleaner

    PondZyme Plus

    These select bacterial strains work quickly to break down fish waste and sludge.

    $22.95 $13.98
  • Simply Clear Pond Clarifier

    Simply Clear

    Clarifies water of organic and inorganic materials faster than other products.

    $22.95 $13.57