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ONA Products

Formulated from essential oils, ONA products have been used effectively to control odor problems associated with hydroponics gardening since they arrived on the market in 1995.

  • ONA Gel

    ONA Gel

    Available in several sizes, ONA Gel is non-toxic, effective and very easy-to-use.

  • ONA Mist Aerosol Can

    ONA Mist

    Contains a powerful formula that can be used to neutralize bad smells – anywhere!

  • ONA Mist Dispenser

    ONA Dispenser

    Designed to be used with ONA Mist and most standard 6 ounce aerosol cans.

  • Ona Odor Block

    Ona Block

    Available in TWO mild scents to totally eliminate foul airborne smells.

  • ONA PRO Spray


    Made of essential oils and food grade additives to get rid of most foul aromas.

  • ONA Storm

    ONA Storm

    A 225 CFM dispenser that’s very effective for large areas — up to 10,000 square feet.

  • ONA Breeze Dispenser

    ONA Breeze

    A quite dispenser that’s ideal for most applications — portable and compact!