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Located in Brookfield, Wisconsin, Novozymes BioAg, Inc is the world leader in bioinnovation. Their biocontrol products are used to help farmers — and gardeners — achieve healthier crops and greater yields.

  • Met 52 Granular Bio-Insecticide

    Met52 Granular

    Mix this easy-to-apply formula with growing medium to kill soil-borne insects fast.


    $124.95 $84.65
  • Met52 EC Bio-Insecticide

    Met52 EC

    A safe and effective liquid for use against thrips, fungus gnats, mites and whitefly!

    $64.95 $59.95
  • Actinovate Fungicide


    This one-stop fungus fighter works from root to leaf with a concentrated formula.

    $12.95 $6.95