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Humboldt Nutrients

Give your plants what they need, when they need it! Humboldt Nutrients manufactures the highest quality plant fertilizers available. Designed for both organic and hydroponic growers, they are easy to use, productive, and, best of all, affordable.

Visit the company’s Feeding Charts (external link) here.

  • Humboldt Nutrients Verde


    Add to your standard fertility program to encourage plant vigor and soil health.

  • FlavorFul Fulvic Acid


    Use to make a huge difference in your garden’s fruit and flower production.

  • Humboldt Nutrients Bloom Natural

    Bloom Natural

    Produces massive crops, high quality yields and super flavorful fruits.

  • Humboldt Grow Natural

    Grow Natural

    Provides the nutrient-rich foundations needed during vegetative plant growth.

  • Humboldt Honey

    Honey ES

    Increases Brix levels by providing sugars to beneficial bacteria, fungi and plants.

  • Humboldt Roots

    Humboldt Roots

    Specifically designed to expand the root zone resulting in larger yields.

  • Hum-Bolt Humic Acid


    Derived from leonardite, Hum-Bolt will increase the health of your favorite plants.

  • ProZyme Enzymatic Concentrate


    Specifically developed for cleansing and treating ALL growing mediums.

  • Big Up Powder

    Big Up Powder

    A premium bloom booster designed for the last few weeks of the flowering stage.

  • Humboldt Deuce Deuce

    Deuce Deuce

    Use to stimulate larger and harder flowers and improve overall plant health.

  • Mayan MicroZyme

    Mayan MicroZyme

    Improve fertility and fruit yields by increasing nutrient uptake and availability.

  • Myco Madness

    Myco Madness

    This biologically active mix can help plants improve nutrient and water uptake.

  • White Widow

    White Widow

    Use to provide plant roots with greater access to water and nutrients in the soil.