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Heavy 16

Serious grow nutrients for indoor gardeners! HEAVY 16’s no-nonsense approach relies on using the highest-grade ingredients and providing everything an indoor crop needs in a simple, 2-part formula.

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  • HEAVY 16 Foliar

    HEAVY Foliar

    Use to positively effect plant metabolic rates, tissue integrity and yields.

    $49.95 $22.50
  • HEAVY 16 Finish

    HEAVY Finish

    The ultimate nutrient additive for achieving horticultural superiority!

    $29.95 $13.00
  • HEAVY 16 Roots

    HEAVY Roots

    This revolutionary new product is designed to enhance a plant’s rhizosphere.

    $169.95 $75.00
  • HEAVY 16 Bud A

    HEAVY Bud-A

    Made from the highest-grade ingredients to ensure the finest results possible.

    $13.95 $6.00
  • HEAVY 16 Bud B

    HEAVY Bud-B

    This artisan-grade blend is preferred by the leading growers around the world.

    $13.95 $6.99
  • HEAVY 16 Prime

    HEAVY Prime

    Promotes vigor, lateral branching, and an explosion of beneficial fungi and bacteria.

    $89.95 $40.00
  • HEAVY 16 Veg A

    HEAVY Veg-A

    This complete 2-part nutrient includes ALL the elements that plants require.

    $13.95 $6.99
  • HEAVY 16 Veg B

    HEAVY Veg-B

    May be combined with other quality products for fantastic crop customization.

    $13.95 $6.00
  • Heavy Fire

    HEAVY Fire

    A specially formulated bloom stimulant that can be added in the last one to two weeks.

    $169.95 $84.99