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Fisher Blacksmithing

Iron & Wood Garden Tools are a select collection from Fisher Blacksmithing, where form meets function and the result is an heirloom-quality garden tool that you won’t want to take your hands off of!

  • Dandelion Weeder

    Dandelion Digger

    Made from one solid piece of steel and set into a walnut handle with brass rivets.

    $54.95 $34.00
  • Hardwood Garden Dibble


    This ergonomic dibble is hand-turned from domestic American black walnut.

    $29.95 $16.00
  • Pointed Hoe

    Pointed Hoe

    The curved shape and balanced weight provide momentum for big jobs!

    $54.95 $34.00
  • Square Garden Hoe

    Square Hoe

    This is our go to hoe if we have stubborn weeds starting to invade the beds.

    $54.95 $34.00
  • 3 Tined Garden Rake

    3-Tined Rake

    Handcrafted in Bozeman, Montana, using time-honored blacksmithing techniques.

    $54.95 $34.00
  • Garden Trowel

    Large Trowel

    A best seller! This timeless trowel can be used for just about everything.

    $54.95 $34.00
  • Narrow Trowel

    Narrow Trowel

    Use for planting bulbs and edging in tight spaces, like along the borders of beds.

    $54.95 $34.00