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Discover Swiss precision and practicality that fits in the palm of your hand. FELCO, from its very first product, has been dedicated to making long-lasting tools with replaceable parts that work beautifully with the human body. No matter what the job or your hand size, they have a pruner that fits you. Their hard-working, elegant tools are considered the standard by gardeners worldwide.

  • FELCO 903 Sharpening Tool

    FELCO 903

    This sharpener and a small investment of your time will make cropping much easier.

  • FELCO 912 Holster

    FELCO 912

    No fumbling or searching for the gear you need now with this at your side.

  • FELCO 910 Holster

    FELCO 910

    This rugged, all-leather pouch is made to slide over a belt for easy on-off use.

  • FELCO 600 Pruning Saw

    FELCO 600

    When pruners are too small to nip through branches, grab this handy folding saw.

  • FELCO 12 Pruning Shears

    FELCO 12

    This model is similar to the #7, but built for gardeners with smaller hands.

  • FELCO 11 Pruning Shears

    FELCO 11

    The next-generation model that takes the classic design to another level.

  • FELCO 8 Pruning Shears

    FELCO 8

    If you have large hands and even larger projects, this is just what you’re looking for!

  • FELCO 7 Pruning Shears

    FELCO 7

    If yard work is taking a toll on your hands and wrists, check out this clever design.

  • FELCO 6 Pruning Shears

    FELCO 6

    Ergonomic handles and an angled blade ease the physical stress of making cuts.

  • FELCO 4 Pruning Shears

    FELCO 4

    An excellent choice if you have large hands and light-duty chores.

  • Felco 2 Pruning Shears

    FELCO 2

    This is the classic model that started it all. The F2 is best suited for general use.