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Dutch Master

Dutch Master manufactures performance-based plant nutrients and additives for horticultural and hydroponics applications. Their revolutionary GOLD nutrient line provides the results you’re looking for regardless of growing media or grow system used.

  • Dutch Master Nutrient

    NUTRIENT Flower

    During extensive trials NUTRIENT outperformed all of the major brands.

  • Dutch Master ONE


    Combines superior performance with ease of use — NO sludgy mess!

  • Dutch Master Liquid Light

    Liquid Light

    Designed to dramatically increase the amount of light your plants can process.

  • Dutch Master Saturator


    The only effective way to harness the incredible power of foliar feeding.

  • Dutch Master Zone Gold


    Ensures that your fast growing plants take up everything they need – all of the time!

  • Dutch Master Nutrient Grow


    Provides everything plants need to grow larger than ever thought possible!