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Down to Earth Protection. DeWitt landscaping fabrics and shade cloth are the number one choice of professionals in the lawn and garden industry.

  • Shade Cloth

    Shade Cloth

    Unique lock stitch construction can be cut with scissors to fit any area.

    $49.95 $26.01
  • Natural Burlap Fabric


    A 100% biodegradable landscape fabric that’s perfect for hundreds of uses.

    $9.95 $3.70
  • Stake Straight Tree Support Kit

    Stake Straight

    Made from recycled materials, this professional-grade stake kit is easy to install.

    $9.95 $4.00
  • Protective Tree Wrap

    Protective Wrap

    Made of a breathable fabric that conforms to fit any shape or texture. Will NOT girdle!

    $4.50 $1.65
  • Frost Fabric


    Start planting earlier in the season for a longer flowering and growing period.

    $14.95 $6.73