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Citra Solv

For 25 years, Steve and Melissa have been cooking up their own people-safe cleaners that take care of grime as well as the conventional commercial brands. They founded Citra Solv to offer their powerful, earth-sensitive cleaning supplies for every part of the home: bathroom, kitchen, laundry, drain maintenance and air freshener. For deep-down clean without harsh fumes or residues, this independently-owned Connecticut company offers real cruelty-free and vegan solutions.

  • Natural Window & Glass Cleaner

    Window & Glass

    Eliminates fingerprints, greasy smudges and dirt without harsh chemicals!

    $5.95 $2.98
  • Citra Dish Detergent Pacs

    CitraDish (Pacs)

    Rated #1 automatic powder! This all-in-one, fragrance-free formula leaves dishes spotless.

    $7.95 $4.00
  • Citra Dish Liquid Dish Soap

    CitraDish (Liquid)

    A sink-side companion that's perfect for hand-washing — and for washing hands!

    $5.50 $2.50
  • Citra Drain Natural Drain Opener


    Perfect for most organic blockages including grease, oil, soap residue and more.

    $6.95 $3.25
  • Citra-Solv Natural Cleaner & Degreaser


    Removes tough stains and grime while filling your home with a sweet, juicy scent.

    $24.95 $13.44
  • Citra Solv Spray

    Multi Spray

    Use this 100% biodegradable, cruelty-free and vegan formula to wipe away household grime.

    $5.95 $2.48
  • Citra Suds Natural Laundry Detergent


    Extremely concentrated (2X), so it’s lighter and more convenient to carry and store.

    $11.50 $5.00