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Block Brothers

Environmentally sensible household products that work without harsh chemicals. Block Brothers has been producing safe-effective, non-toxic cleaning products for more than seventeen years.

  • Block Oil

    Block Oil

    A SAFE finish — with lemon oil — for any wooden food preparation surface.

    $9.95 $4.43
  • Metal Polish

    Metal Polish

    Removes tarnish, oxidation, rust, fine scratches, soil and hard water deposits.

    $9.95 $4.43
  • Wood Finish

    Wood Finish

    Preserves and brings out the beauty of wood without harsh chemicals or solvents.

    $14.95 $5.50
  • Stubborn Stain Remover

    Spot Spray

    A fast, safe and highly effective treatment for use on fabrics and hard surfaces.

    $9.95 $4.43
  • Wood Polish

    Wood Care Polish

    A safe and wax-free treatment for ALL finished wood such as cabinets and furniture.

    $9.95 $4.43