Gigante d’Inverno

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This sturdy Italian variety laughs in the face of fall and winter. Gigante d’Inverno (translation: Giant of Winter) produces large, nutritious leaves in 40-60 days. Here are our best tips on How to Grow Spinach, too!

Each packet contains approximately 250 seeds.

Planting and Harvesting Tips:
One of the hardiest crops in the vegetable garden. Sow directly into the ground, 1/4 inch deep in early spring or late fall. Thin seedlings to 6 inches apart when they are 4-5 inches tall. Mulching with compost will help deter weeds and prevent moisture loss.

To harvest, pinch or cut young leaves just above the soil surface and allow to grow back. Continue harvesting over several months, or until plants begin to lose flavor. Plants will quickly bolt (flower) in hot weather.