Apple Blossom

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Loved by landscapers! Apple Blossom Snapdragon (Antirrhinum magus) is an old-fashioned favorite with large pink and gold blooms. Plants grow 30- to 36-inches tall and are stunning in borders and bouquets. A self-seeding hardy annual in the North, perennial in the South. Learn more about Growing Snapdragons here.

Each packet contains approximately 600 seeds.

Planting and Growing Tips:
These uniquely-shaped flowers thrive in the cooler temperatures of spring and do best in sunny garden spots with rich, well-drained soil. Sow indoors under lights 4- to 8-weeks before last frost. Transplant outdoors after temperatures have warmed and pinch back young plants to encourage bushy growth.

Remove spent flowers to extend the blooming season and mulch to prevent weeds, conserve moisture and improve aesthetics. Keep the soil moist, but not wet.