Frosted Salmon

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From a distance, this fully frilled annual could be mistaken for a carnation, but it’s really a Frosted Salmon Poppy (Papaver somniferum). The 4-5 in. blooms will knock you back with their deep pinkish-orange color. Fresh or dried, these beauties are stunning, and the seed pods are decorative, too. Grows on 2-4 ft. stems in full sun. Easy to grow, and a truly unique variety!

Each packet contains approximately 600 seeds.

Planting and Growing Tips:
Hardy plants thrive in rich, fast draining soil, ample water and plenty of sunshine. However, will tolerate poor soil conditions and some drought. Direct sow in early spring when the soil is still cool and a light frost is possible. May also be sown in the fall just before the ground freezes.

Remove the spent blossoms, or use as cuttings in flower arrangements, to extend the flowering season. Make sure to leave some faded blooms, especially later in the year, as plants are self-seeding.